Terrapin Care Center offers physical therapy programs that involve performing sets of exercises over a period of time to rehabilitate your muscles. It’s a reliable way to help you regain strength and independence, enhancing your quality of life. Here are four benefits of physical therapy:


1. Helps You Recover From Strokes and Other Debilitating Medical Problems

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel ruptures or obstructions interrupt your brain’s blood circulation. This may lead to speech loss, muscle weakness or even paralysis. Doing motion exercises routinely can significantly strengthen your muscles, improve your gait and help you maintain balance.

2. Reduces or Even Eliminates Your Pain

Injuries, especially those involving your bones and muscles, can lead to chronic pain issues and reduced functionality. We may recommend undergoing physical therapy, massage therapy and other similar techniques to relieve your discomfort. These activities can help hasten tissue and muscle restoration, leading to a faster recovery.

3. Helps Manage Diabetes, Cardiovascular Problems and Age-Related Conditions

High blood sugar, heart disease and other age-related conditions may decrease the blood flow in your body, putting you at a higher risk of developing other medical problems. To ensure adequate and proper blood circulation, your doctor will likely recommend exercising regularly and participating in a physical therapy program. We’ll create an individual plan for you that includes aerobic and strengthening exercises to help maintain your overall health.

4. Improves Your Mobility and Restores Muscular Functions

Physical therapy can help improve your fine and gross motor skills for ease of mobility. If you have problems moving, walking or even standing, your trusted pain management doctor will create a program to help enhance your motion abilities, which may include performing daily exercises or using certain training equipment.

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