Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment

If you're chasing a healthier, more vibrant you, having professional chiropractors on your team can be a game-changer. What else is important in that journey? Durable medical equipment can be an essential tool used to improve a patient’s health. We would like to delve into why this gear matters and how it's making waves in the healthcare world.


Cervical Dennerolls: A Neck's Best Friend

Chiropractors love using Cervical Dennerolls because they work wonders on things like a sore neck, headaches, and even fix how you stand or sit. A Denneroll is an orthopedic device that chiropractors use to help restore ideal posture to the spine. It’s a pillow-like device with curves, angles and ridges that are designed to improve the cervical curve. The magic is that they offer a steady but gentle pushback, coaxing your neck back into its natural alignment. This device can also help to correct “tech neck”, relieve pain, improve quality of life and lead to greater overall health.

Lumbosacral Back Braces: Support for Your Lower Back

If you have back pain, a lumbosacral back brace can help to control and support your spinal posture, reduce pain, prevent further pain and promote healing. These lifesavers stabilize your spine's lumbar and sacral parts (T9-S1), providing relief while stopping more damage in its tracks. Physical Therapists often use these braces as they help with recovery.

Orthotics for Your Feet: Building a Better Posture from the Ground Up

Custom foot orthotics can be that rock-solid base to help you improve your posture. It's not just about easing discomfort or pain in your feet; it's also about aligning everything up there too. It might seem like it's all about shoes and arch support, but having better posture starts with taking care of your feet. Custom orthotics help to reduce the stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment. The GaitScan system uses 4,096 senors to scan the plantar surface of the foot as you walk across the pressure plate to customize orthotics specifically for your feet.

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