Medical conditions like osteoarthritis may prevent you from carrying out your daily tasks and enjoying your life to the fullest. At Terrapin Care Center, we offer physical therapy services to help reduce your pain, restore your health, and improve your muscle strength. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your session:

Things to Do Before Your Visit

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. During our initial phone call, we’ll ask about your insurance and find out if our services are covered under your plan. We’ll also offer provide some general information about what to expect in your first session. We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and rubber shoes to ensure your comfort and maximum mobility.

We believe that good communication leads to better understanding. If you use optical aids or hearing devices, we advise wearing them during your visit. You may also bring a friend or relative with you so that someone can help you remember details of your consultation. We recommend writing down your symptoms and any questions you have beforehand to make sure your chiropractor or medical doctor has all the relevant information about your situation.

What to Expect During Your Visit

We will ask questions about your condition as well as your personal and family medical history. It would be great if you could bring any diagnostic or medical reports relating to your need for physical therapy, as this information will serve as our guide when creating your therapy program. We may also perform an extensive physical examination, evaluating your gait, balance, and physical strength.

We’ll then develop a treatment plan that addresses your needs and suits your lifestyle. If you have chronic shoulder pain, for example, we may include massage therapy in your program to help naturally relieve your discomfort.

What to Remember After Your Therapy Session

You and your doctor’s communication and working relationship play large roles in ensuring the success of your rehabilitation program. This is why we encourage patients to be active participants in their own treatment regimens. We also request your active cooperation during the therapy itself. During your session, we’ll constantly monitor and evaluate your progress. We’ll also remind you of your next therapy schedule to ensure continuity of care.

For more tips on preparing for your physical therapy session, call us at (301) 220-1930 or complete our form. We serve Silver Spring, MD, and nearby areas.

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