Back pain is one of the most common health problems people experience. Whether the discomfort is mild or severe, it can limit your range of motion, potentially reducing your daily efficiency and hurting your quality of life. Fortunately, Terrapin Care Center offers a wide range of pain-relieving options. Apart from massage therapy, we also provide nerve blocks and spinal injections to improve your overall comfort.

Nerve Blocks

Long-term painful disorders often develop when a group of nerves is irritated, causing severe pain to a specific body organ or region. Carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, occurs when the median nerve in your wrist has been compressed for a long time, resulting in numbness and tingling sensations in your hand. If left unmanaged, this may significantly reduce your mobility, adversely affecting your daily efficiency and quality of life.

Nerve blocks are an effective pain management method to reduce nerve irritation. This involves introducing a certain substance, usually containing steroids or phenols, directly into a specific nerve or spinal region. This helps reduce inflammation of your nerve endings, providing pain relief. The effects may last from six to twelve months, depending on the severity of your condition.

Spinal Injections

Spinal injections are often used as an umbrella term when it comes to introducing substances directly into your spine. One of the most common forms is lumbar epidural steroid injections. This involves administering pain-relieving or numbing substances around your lower back by our experienced and fellowship-trained anesthesiologists.

Spinal injections can provide immediate, temporary relief to people with low back pain, spinal stenosis, or disc herniations. They can also reduce numbness and tingling sensations in various parts of your body, helping you regain ease of movement. For patients with severe, chronic pain disorders, we may include physical therapy in your treatment plan as a complementary rehabilitation program.

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