Back pain is one of the leading causes of disabilities among individuals 45 years of age and younger. Back pain may develop as a result of injury, inactivity or other conditions. Read on as your leading back pain rehab clinic talks about some of the most common causes of this problem.

Strains and Sprains

Injuries to your back tendons, ligaments and muscles may lead to back pain. This can occur when you lift something heavy without observing proper body posture. Sports injuries, accidents or a bad fall may also cause back pain.


Osteoporosis is a condition marked by significant loss of bone density, making your bones brittle. This increases your risk of sustaining a break to your vertebrae, resulting in back pain.

Spinal Stenosis

Your back pain doctor explains that spinal stenosis is the narrowing of your vertebral canal, which puts increased pressure on the nerves in your back. As a result, you may experience significant back pain. This may be accompanied by a feeling of numbness in your shoulders or legs.

Herniated or Slipped Discs

Certain conditions can cause the soft tissues between your vertebral discs to come out, resulting in a herniated or slipped disc. As a result, the nearby nerves are pressed, causing pain in your hip or lower back.

Other Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions may have back pain as a complication. A tumor growing in your back, for example, may compress your spinal nerves, resulting in backaches. Lower back pain is also a hallmark symptom of kidney stones.

Lifestyle Triggers

Your back pain specialist explains that what you do or don’t do in your day-to-day life may lead to back pain as well. Slouching in your seat or lifting objects that are too heavy may cause overstretching of your back muscles. Being overweight and inactive may also result in this problem.

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