If you have adult degenerative or juvenile scoliosis, your spine is curved rather than completely straight. This condition may cause bad posture, mobility problems, pain and other complications. Here’s what you need to know about it.


Roughly 80% of known cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown. That being said, heredity is a major contributing factor in the development of juvenile scoliosis. If you have scoliosis, your children are at a higher risk of developing juvenile scoliosis. This condition typically develops between ages three to nine. It’s linked to faster curve progression and requires prompt and active treatment.

Although scoliosis most commonly develops in childhood, it can also appear in adulthood. Aging may cause your vertebra to gradually curve toward the side, resulting in adult degenerative scoliosis. You may experience stiffness or a dull ache in your mid to low back area. You may also feel a shock-like back discomfort radiating downward that’s usually accompanied by a pins-and-needles sensation in your legs. Experiencing sharp pain as you walk that disappears when you rest is common as well.

Our Treatment

Terrapin Care Center proudly offers ScoliBrace® as an effective way to manage scoliosis. This corrective spinal brace helps straighten your spine. The process starts with taking a three-dimensional image of your body using the BraceScan application. This serves as a guide when designing and creating your customized ScoliBrace. Once it’s ready, we’ll check how it fits you.

The therapeutic benefits of the ScoliBrace are backed by clinical results. Case studies have shown that wearing this innovative device reduces pain and slows down the progression of the spinal curving. With the reduced backbone curvature, you’ll have improved posture, more level shoulders and a symmetrical waist.

Unlike regular back braces, the ScoliBrace opens and closes at the front, making it easy to use without assistance. It also comes in various colors and patterns, so you can personalize its look. Apart from wearing scoliosis braces, we may also include physical and massage therapy in your treatment plan.

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